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Resolution on Students Participating in University-Related Curricular and Extracurricular Activities

Whereas many students participate in university-related curricular and extracurricular activities which require them to be absent from regularly-scheduled university classes, and

Whereas these activities are an important element of the total educational experience of many university students, and

Whereas many of these students are required to participate in these activities as part of their university-related programs, and

Whereas the university has an obligation to treat all students in a fair and equitable manner,

Be It Resolved that all students participating in university-related activities which require them to be absent from classes be encouraged to inform the instructors at the beginning of each semester of the nature and dates of the future absences, and

Be It Further Resolved that students engaged in these activities explore with the instructor a mutually-satisfactory method for completing the coursework which will be missed prior to the dates of the absences, and

Be It Further Resolved that each faculty member be encouraged to make a good faith effort to accommodate these students by stating policies on absences and arranging makeup assignments which are reasonable.

It Being Understood that this is a "sense of the Senate" resolution and not a binding condition of employment.

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