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Resolution to Amend the Waivers Policy to the Hawaiian/Second Language Requirement

Whereas, the University of Hawaii Strategic Plan 1996 - 2001 strives for excellence in undergraduate education and has as its goal "Continuing to champion diversity and preparing students to function effectively in a global society" and expands this to "...strives to be a model for society through the diversity of its people, policies, and programs" (III Goals, Subsection C, page 5), and,

Whereas, the Manoa at 100, University of Hawaii at Manoa Strategic Plan 1998-2007, further states that "UH Manoa has selective admission. It facilitates the growth and development of students as responsible citizens who can pursue and achieve their individual goals (Preface, page 2) ..i. Provides a unique integrated freshman program involving the major Colleges. The objective is to build a common Manoa-based experience and identity for each incoming freshman class. ii. Establish a solid curriculum for development of fundamental intellectual skills, including writing, speaking, quantitative skills, analytical reasoning, computer and information technology, fine arts appreciation and multi-cultural studies", and,

Whereas, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Standard 4-B-7 states that the general education program ensures adequate breath for all students pursuing the Bachelor's degree, and,

Whereas, all Schools and Colleges recognize and support the Revision to the General Education Requirement passed by UH Manoa Faculty Senate on 1999 December 8, and,

Whereas, the current UH Board of Regents Policy (Section 5, Section 1 d., page 24) to allow for waivers to Professional Schools at UHM to the Hawaiian/Second Language graduation requirement recognizes the needed flexibility while maintaining the principle of the General Education Requirement, and,

Whereas, the UH Board of Regents Policy (Section 1-10) states "...the faculty have primary responsibility for such fundamental academic areas as curriculum content, subject matter, and methods of instruction and research. On these matters the power of review and concurrence or final decision lodged in the BOR or delegated to administrative officers should be exercised adversely only in exceptional circumstances and for reasons communicated to the faculty", and,

Whereas, Colleges and Schools outside the Colleges of Arts and Sciences at Carnegie I Research Universities generally do not require a foreign language, and,

Whereas, the curriculum of the Schools and Colleges outside of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences do not lead to a BA degree and have unique characters and requirements that necessitate different program priorities, and,

Therefore be it resolved that the following modification of the UH Manoa language requirement waiver policy be adopted.

"In order to allow for the needed flexibility and recognition of student's diverse educational goals, the Hawaiian/Second Language Graduation Requirement may be reduced to one year, replaced by an algorithmic language, or waived by those Schools and Colleges whose programs have different missions and objectives and where students have different educational goals. Grounds for such waivers of the Hawaiian/Second Language Graduation Requirement include accreditation limits, demonstrated impact on enrollment, peer institution comparisons, outside evaluation of program outcomes, alumni survey of relevancy and value, inappropriateness to a program or major's goals and needs, enhancing the ability of students to complete their program in four years, course scheduling conflicts that prevents a student from completing the requirement in the first two years at Manoa, conflict with School or College Program requirements, or other legitimate curriculum concerns. The Hawaiian/Second Language Graduation Requirement can only be reduced, replaced, or waived after a vote of that School or College's Chartered Faculty Senate at which two thirds of the total Senators vote in support of the change for their major or majors, or in the absence of a Chartered Faculty Senate when two thirds of the faculty of that School or College faculty vote in support of the change. The School or College Faculty Senate or the Faculty who carried out the vote will consult with the UHM Faculty Senate's General Education Committee, then notify the Vice-President for Academic Affairs of their decision."

Be it further resolved that a copy of this motion be forwarded to the Executive Vice Chancellor of University of Hawaii at Manoa, President and Chancellor of the University of Hawaii, and the University of Hawaii Board of Regents.

April 12, 2000 28 yes, 20 no and 0 abstentions

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