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Resolution Rejecting the Fiscal Proposals of the Administration and Requesting Plans and Policies Which Will Grow Campus Enrollments

WHEREAS, the UH-Manoa strategic plan adopted by the Board of Regents calls for the UH Manoa campus to attain an enrollment level of 18,000 to 20,000 students;

WHEREAS, if the UH-Manoa campus were to grow to reach the level of20,000 students, additional revenues would be generated which would enable the campus to support current academic programs and to undertake needed repairs and upgrading of facilities, especially if significant recruitment of out-of-state students were to occur;

WHEREAS, current and proposed actions by the Administration (e.g. the proposed 4+4+4 cuts, threats to transfer 101 funds to other campuses, and only token efforts to recruit students) are not moving us in the direction of the strategic plan goal, but in fact will have the opposite effect;

WHEREAS, cuts to UH-Manoa have been disproportional among the campuses in the UH system, and consequent reductions in budgets and personnel have already created great damage to our academic programs, and

WHEREAS, a "scarcity mentality" at the university is driving away many of our best faculty and will be a significant barrier to attracting the best qualified persons in future faculty recruitment;

THEREFORE, the faculty reject proposals for further cuts to the academic units of UH-Manoa. We call upon the Administration to undertake an aggressive effort to plan for the growth of student enrollments, including a comprehensive, multi-faceted plan which identifies potential student markets for the programs at UH-Manoa and outreach and marketing efforts to effectively recruit from these markets, including from the U.S. Mainland.

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