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WHEREAS, Hamilton Library with its collection of 2.9 million volumes is the main library supporting the University of Hawai'i system, and for the 43,000 people who enter the Library's doors each week, Hamilton Library is the intellectual center -- the academic arena -- of the UH Manoa campus; and

WHEREAS, Hamilton Library is essential to teaching and research in every department and program on campus; and

WHEREAS, Hamilton Library has a special responsibility of collecting and preserving materials that uniquely relate to the history and cultures of Hawai'i's people; and

WHEREAS, faculty, students, and community users check out over 575,000 volumes and consult another 1.1 million volumes in the building per year; and

WHEREAS, the existing Hamilton Library building was designed with a stack capacity of 1.7 million volumes and the lack of appropriate space to house the library's valuable collections is threatening these collections through mold and insect infestations; and

WHEREAS, due to the need to provide more space for collections, seating space for library users to perform their work has been reduced from 1700 seats in 1978 to 800 seats in 1996; and

WHEREAS, Hawai'i's geographical isolation imposes a special responsibility to maintain a comprehensive research library; and

WHEREAS, the 1991 WASC accreditation team indicated that UH Manoa will fail to meet Standard 6E (that library facilities accommodate the collections, readers, and staff so as to foster an atmosphere of inquiry, study, and learning) unless the space and building conditions are resolved; and

WHEREAS, planning and design funds totaling $4,023,000 for the new Hamilton Library Addition have been appropriated by the Legislature since 1989; and

WHEREAS, the President of the University and the Board of Regents have moved the Hamilton Library Addition to the highest priority for new building construction in the University's 1997-99 biennium CIP request;

BE IT RESOLVED that the UH Manoa Faculty Senate commends the President of the University and the UH Board of Regents for taking this positive action to move the Hamilton Library Addition forward, and that the Faculty Senate endorses this action and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this resolution be forwarded to President Kenneth P. Mortimer, Board of Regents Chair Lily K. Yao, Governor Benjamin K. Cayetano, Senate Ways and Means Committee Chair, Senate Higher Education Committee Chair, House Finance Committee Chair, and House Higher Education and the Arts Committee Chair.

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