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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate
55 in support: 1 opposed

ISSUE #5.13

[PDF] (Transmittal)
[PDF] [DOC] (Motion)

Motion on the Corps of Tenure Track Faculty

This is a motion to ask the Manoa Chancellor to provide information related to our corps of teaching faculty by August 1, 2014: the number of faculty in tenure-track vs. non-tenure-track instructional positions, teaching loads at Manoa [specifically, how many positions in each category and what the teaching loads are (in terms of courses and credit hours) in each category], a comparison of lower- and upper-division courses taught by tenure-track vs. non-tenure-track instructors, and the proportion of the Manoa instructional budget devoted to tenure-track vs. non-tenure-track/lecturer positions. Specifically, the motion addresses MFS Issue 5.13.

Furthermore, the Manoa Faculty Senate requests the Chancellor to deliver a policy for replacing positions lost to attrition and a plan for maintaining the quality of our academic offerings.

These data will help departments, colleges, and the Faculty Senate to plan for their futures. The number of tenure-track faculty has been decreasing over recent years in a number of departments, while the number of students enrolled at Manoa has been increasing (approximately a 4.5% increase in undergraduate enrollment in the period between Fall, 2008 (13,776) and Fall, 2014 (14,406).

The tenure-track faculty are the backbone of the university and provide for its longevity.

In the fall of 2013, the Committee on Professional Matters (CPM) recommended that CAB and SEC should address the issue of the proportion of the budget devoted to instructional faculty. In the spring of 2014, CPM requested, but was unable to obtain, this information related to our tenure-track instructional corps. In the spring of 2014, CPM was informed by the Director of Institutional Research at UH Manoa that the Office of Institutional Research would require additional resources to answer these questions that the office did not currently have. Therefore we are asking the Chancellor to please provide the information to the Senate directly