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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on January 18, 2012
52 in support; 1 against; 1 abstentions


Motion to Approve Recommendations on Election Process

CFS was asked to review the 2011 SEC election audit by the Ad-Hoc Election Review Committee to make recommendations to improve the Senate voting process.

The main issues identified by the AHERC concerned the timing of the 2011 SEC nomination and election, the need for full participation of the CFS in scheduling elections, the need for clarity on the requirement for SEC candidate's statements, the integrity of the software and procedures used to conduct elections, and potential of a conflict of interest arising from a member of CFS running for SEC.

After reviewing these concerns, CFS was satisfied that the software and procedures used for elections provides adequate safeguards to protect voters' privacy and prohibit the possibility of tampering. In regard to the other concerns, CFS makes the following recommendations:

1. Scheduling/Participation
During its first fall meeting, CFS shall determine an election procedure schedule (call for service, nominations, elections) for the coming year, selecting dates within the parameters of those established by the Rules of Order. The schedule will be sent to the SEC for approval, then announced to the faculty.

2. Statements by SEC Nominees
The SEC nomination software program shall be modified so that both the field for agreeing to run for election and the field for nominees' statements must be filled in before nominees' names are placed on the ballot.

3. Conflict of Interest
Members of CFS running for SEC shall not participate in the SEC election process.