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Tabled by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on May 4, 2011
67 in favor; 4 in opposition

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May 4, 2011

COR Powerpoint provided at May 4, 2011 Senate meeting COR
April 27, 2011 CPM Report on Faculty Classifications CPM
April 20, 2011 COR April 20 Motion (information item) COR
  Summary Report COR
April 11, 2011 Faculty Distribution Statistics (excel) COR



We recommend that the faculty and administration at UH-Manoa work toward consolidating the current faculty subclassifications (I, R, S, A, B, and any others) in favor of a more appropriate, single Faculty “PF classification, which recognizes the combined I (Instruction), R (Research) and S (Service) duties of all Professional UH-Manoa faculty. Here, under Instructional duties, we include all college-level teaching, under Research duties, we include all scholarly activities, and under Service, we include university or ┬ácommunity service, outreach, as well as Specialist, Agent, Administration, and other service-related duties would fall, as appropriate.

This change is needed in order to remove the implied barriers between the different functions (Instruction, Research, Service) that are, in practice, expected to be carried out by all Faculty at UH-Manoa. This change would also help resolve current inequities within and across units where faculty can, in practice, opt out of one or more of their normal faculty duties due to the rigid classification imposed at time of hire.

UH-Manoa Tenure and Promotion guidelines should be revised to include all 3 areas under which Faculty can organize their activities: Instruction, Research, and Service. The relevant criteria for each category, along with the expected standards, would be defined in the Faculty's home department/unit Tenure and Promotion and Workload Guidelines, after seeking and obtaining approval of both their campus Chancellor and UHPA.

All offer letters to new faculty will be required to detail job expectations as they relate to the 3 faculty activities (Instruction, Research, Service). All existing Faculty will be given the option of using the new classification, pending approval of the Dean.