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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on April 20, 2011
unanimous; 4 abstention

Supporting Documents

Date Document & Link Committee
March 9, 2011 DNP Review questions from CAPP meeting CAPP
March 4, 2011 DNP Final Proposal  
March 20, 2011 DNP Proposal Appendix  
March 15, 2011 DNP Final Timeline  



WHEREAS the National trend in clinical health professions is to attain the Practice Doctorate to complete their academic education; AND

WHEREAS in February 2010 the American Association of College Nursing (AACN) national survey reported that there are 120 DNP programs with an additional 161 programs in the planning stage; AND

WHEREAS the School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene, Department of Nursing, offers Master of Science and post Master's certificate with nursing specialization in a variety of areas; and a PhD in nursing; AND

WHEREAS the Master of Science in Nursing Degree prepares students for advanced practice roles with specialization including nurse practitioner, psychiatric-mental health nursing, adult health, community/public health, nursing education, nursing administration, and nursing administration/MBA; AND

WHEREAS the PhD in Nursing prepares scholars capable of conducting culturally appropriate clinical scholarship and teaching in nursing education programs; AND

WHEREAS the proposed Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) is a terminal degree which includes course work, clinical work and a capstone project; AND

WHEREAS the American Association of Colleges of Nursing provides the guidelines for the DNP curriculum; AND

WHEREAS the new DNP will complement the PhD program by providing those students who have no interest in careers as researchers and teachers an option of another advanced degree; AND

WHEREAS graduates of DNP will be prepared to integrate nursing science knowledge to face challenges of the century and to work effectively by demonstrating leadership, delivery of safe health care systems, managing personnel, technological reforms, data driven decision making, working with diverse population, maintaining public relations, collaborating with inter-disciplinary professionals; AND


The Manoa Faculty Senate approves the Doctoral Degree in Nursing Practice.