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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on November 18, 2009
1 opposed

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Resolution to Establish a Task Force on Budget

Whereas UH-Manoa appears to be in a budget crisis; and

Whereas the UHM faculty Senate has been a consistent and vocal supporter of fiscal responsibility and the appropriate use of funds; and

Whereas the AAUP has recently advised faculty to guard against potential misuses of such budget crises:

Many academic managers suggest that their institutions are facing a financial crisis like that of bankrupt companies or states. Far more make the analogy than is justified by institutions’ actual financial health. An emerging managerial approach is to call for salary freezes, pay reductions, and/or furloughs for faculty to address immediate budgetary challenges. A common managerial discourse is to not waste a crisis to further increase managerial “flexibility.” We urge faculty to address such proposals in the context of long-term trends that compromise higher education.

(http://www.aaup.org/AAUP/newsroom/2009PRS/prnogivebacks.htm, August 18 2009); and

Whereas the various groups on campus currently looking at the state of our budget labor under constraints that might limit the scope of their analysis and recommendations; and

Whereas the entire University community will need to agree on what our situation is, and what the options are, if we are to have any success in moving forward; therefore

Be It Resolved that

I. The UH-Manoa Faculty Senate establish a Special Task Force on the Budget.

II. The charge to this Task Force includes:

  • Confirmation of the extent of the fiscal crisis, especially at the Manoa
  • Determination of whether there are sources of funds which have not been considered by administration committees or offices working on the problem;
  • Evaluation of potential solutions, such as enrollment increases and retirement scenarios;
  • Any other matters which they determine are relevant to the above.

It is understood that there are other campus entities, such as the office of the VCAFO, the Chancellor's Budget/Prioritization Workgroup, and Senate's Committee on Administration and Budget, which are working on these issues; the Task Force should interface with these entities to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and to share information.

III. The Task Force will report to the Senate regularly through the CAB, and will transmit a final report
containing their findings and any recommendations to the whole Senate.

IV. While the Task Force will remain officially empaneled for the duration of the 2009-2010 Academic
Year, it is expected that they will give a preliminary report at the December meeting of the UH-Manoa
faculty Senate, and their final report by the February meeting of the Senate (if not before).

The names of people who have been asked and agreed to serve will be presented in conjunction with
this resolution.