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Presented to the Mānoa Faculty Senate on February 15, 2006
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To: Howard Todo, Vice President for Budget and Finance
Linda Johnsrud, Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy
From: Committee on Administration and Budget, Manoa Faculty Senate
Re: Biennial Budget Submission
Via: Denise Konan, Chancellor, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

We see from your memo of January 31 that the President has asked that the Chancellor submit the budget for the 2007-2008 Biennium by March 24. We respectfully request that the date be moved to May 15 to permit adequate consultation with the faculty and thoughtful framing of budget initiatives. In the past, the budget formulation has begun with a request from the Administration to the Deans and Directors to seek input from their Chairs and faculty members for new budget initiatives. These requests are prioritized by the Chairs and Deans and submitted to the Chancellor's office. It is unrealistic to expect that process to be completed in less than six weeks.

An additional constraint on time is the need for the prioritization at the Chancellor's level to proceed according to performance criteria that are only now in the process of being established. Even if those criteria are defined soon, the data necessary to implement them will take at least a month to develop.

We are concerned not because the submission dates, given sufficient advance notice, are unreasonable. The abruptness of the request and our inability to respond effectively, however, are cause for alarm.

We understand that the System intends to conduct a "stocktaking" review process after the Chancellors' submissions are collected and that you wish to do this before the term ends. The budget process has, heretofore, been a bottom up exercise where the novelty and innovation of the faculty is most valuable. Perhaps the stocktaking can be compressed in time to allow the faculty participation where we think it will do the most good. We urge you, therefore, to reconsider and move the submission date to as late in May as you reasonably can.