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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on November 16, 2005
31 in support; 18 against

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RESOLUTION #1: Opposed to the UARC proposal

  1. WHEREAS, the university is, fundamentally, a community of scholars that joins in a commitment to inquiry, learning, and teaching and that is governed by the highest ethical standards and humane values; and
  2. WHEREAS, the proposed UARC would establish an institutional relationship with the DoD that is structurally different than the current one; and
  3. WHEREAS, this relationship is inconsistent with provisions in the published mission statement of the University; and
  4. WHEREAS, the UARC would increase the level of classified research at UHM, and the Faculty Senate has resolved that publication-restricted research not be supported at UHM; and
  5. WHEREAS, research requiring security clearance impedes free inquiry and creates two classes of researchers, affecting faculty, students, and staff, and effectively restricting access to funding to those who are approved by a non-university body; and
  6. WHEREAS, the UARC structure carries with it unusual contractual encumbrance which has neither been sufficiently well understood by the university community, nor as well explained to would-be participants as it ought to have been; and
  7. WHEREAS, the proponents of the UARC have not made a persuasive case that costs of the proposal to UH are outweighed by benefits to the University, especially to faculty and academic units already part of the University; and
  8. WHEREAS, UHM does not have a felicitous record of success with costly new projects, especially projects for which the primary rationale is increased revenue; and
  9. WHEREAS, the establishment of a UARC is strongly opposed by several stakeholder groups, including ASUH, the Kuali'i Council, and some DoD-supported faculty; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Senate opposes the UARC proposal and urges that the Chancellor recommend that it not be approved.