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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on October 19, 2005
31 in support; 12 against

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Resolution to Permit Alternative Voting Methods

Whereas the current procedure for electing senators and members of the Senate Executive Committee is based on a Plurality-at-Large procedure; and

Whereas the Plurality-at-Large procedure is generally recognized as being inferior to other means of conducting multi-seat elections; and

Whereas the Committee on Faculty Service depends on a well-differentiated rank-ordered list of election results to fill election seats and vacancies as they occur:

Therefore be it resolved, that:

The Senate understands the Bylaws as permitting alternative methods of balloting and counting; and

The Senate authorizes the Committee on Faculty Service to conduct elections using a election method other than Plurality-at-Large; and

The Senate urges the Committee on Administration and Budget to propose a revision to the Bylaws that endorses flexibility in the ballot and counting procedures that will promote democratic results.