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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on January 19, 2005
48 in support; 2 against

Supporting Documents


Resolution in Support of the Proposed Reorganization of the Chancellor's Office

Proposed by the Senate Executive Committee to the Senate meeting of January 19, 2005

[1] WHEREAS the Manoa Faculty Senate has long recognized the need for an effective administrative structure for Manoa, separate from that of the System; and

[2] WHEREAS the Senate adopted a resolution in April 1999 recommending the reorganization of the University of Hawai'i System and the creation of a separate office of the Manoa Chancellor, to be an independent voice for Manoa and to provide administra tive support directly responsive to Manoa's needs; and

[3] WHEREAS the Board of Regents created a separate Chancellor's office at its meeting of January 2001, foreseeing the need for additional managerial positions and realignment of functions adequate to meet the needs of the independent office; and

[4] WHEREAS the goal of this action was to enhance the autonomy of the campuses, while not imposing additional costs on campuses; and

[5] WHEREAS the Manoa administration submitted a preliminary organization plan for the Chancellor's office to the Faculty Senate for consideration at the January 2004 Senate meeting; and

[6] WHEREAS at the January 2004 Senate meeting, the Senate found the overall structure of that organization plan to be reasonable, while insisting that funding for the plan come ideally from the System level and in no case come at the cost of Manoa's a cademic programs or from student tuition; and

[7] WHEREAS the System has proposed a biennium budget which includes funding for a reorganized Manoa administration; and

[8] WHEREAS since summer 2004, the Manoa administration has made significant revisions and extensions to the plan; and

[9] WHEREAS the Manoa administration has engaged the Faculty Senate in extensive consultations over the past several months, regarding the proposed organization--these consultations including the Senate Executive Committee and all relevant standing com mittees; and

[10] WHEREAS the administration has responded constructively to the suggestions made by the Senate, either by modifying the plan or explaining its rationale; and

[11] WHEREAS the revisions to the structure are improvements to the plan which the Senate found to be reasonable in January 2004; and

[12] WHEREAS it is essential to move forward expeditiously so that Manoa can develop an effective administrative structure:


[1] The Manoa Faculty Senate endorses the proposed organization plan for the office of the Manoa Chancellor.

[2] The Senate urges the Board of Regents to approve this plan.

[3] The Senate continues to insist that administrative reorganization not be paid for by student tuition or come at the expense of academic programs.