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Like Nowhere Else

The Directing program at UHM is designed to give students the practical and theoretical tools to not only stage productions but to conceive whole worlds that will not soon be forgotten. Depth, balance, rhythm, emotion, intelligence, supreme openness to others, and a focus on the human being at the center of the art form-directors are responsible for all these essentials. Consequently, collaboration is key to a successful directing career in academia and beyond.

The director's vision must be crystal clear yet still leave room for the imagination of actors, designers, and audiences alike. Rigorous explorations of history, dramaturgy and cultural anthropology enhance the director's craft, giving rise to a mode of self-expression that is as unique as it is powerful. UHM offers students the opportunity to draw on a wide variety of approaches from Euro-American, Asian, and Hawaiian and Pacific traditions. Lastly, it is our sincere hope that our students will become invaluable leaders and community-builders. In this day and age, it is imperative that the spirit of entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand with social responsibility.

Degrees offered: MFA (Directing); MFA (Asian Performance: Directing)

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