Approved Intensive Thai Programs in Thailand

for FLAS summer scholarship application


The following are Intensive Thai programs in Thailand meeting the requirements of UH Summer FLAS scholarships (formal program of intensive language study with 120 contact hours in advanced level language or 140 hours in intermediate level language over a period of 6 weeks or longer) that UH Thai Language Program approves.


Intensive Thai Program at Chulalongkorn University


A well-established and internationally recognized intensive Thai program, operated by Faculty of Arts of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Offers 9 100-hour modules of 3 levels (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) of classes, with 3 modules for each level. Classes are offered year round
We recommend that the UH summer FLAS applicants in this program plan to take 2 modules (200 hours total).

For detailed candid info/comment on the program from a former Intensive Thai student (2013), see here.


Intensive Thai Program at Payap University

An established intensive Thai program, operated by Foreign Language Center of Payap University in Chiangmai. Offers 8 60-hour modules (Thai 1 -Thai 8). Classes are offered year round.

Click here for Payap Intensive Thai course description.
UH summer FLAS applicants proposing to attend this program are required to plan to take at least 2 modules (120 hours).


Students may propose other Intensive Thai programs for our approval (for summer FLAS intensive program). Send program information, syllabi, website and program contact person's name, e-mail address, phone numbers to


Please note that UH-CSEAS has the authority to make the final approval and decision on the summer Intensive Thai programs for summer FLAS applications.