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Quarterly University of Hawai‘i eWaste Pick-Up Program

Here you will find basic information concerning this systemwide recycling program along with links to representatives who can provide specific directions for preparation of UH-owned equipment at each campus collection point.

Program Highlights

  • There is no charge for recycling, however the program is for UH equipment ONLY; no personal or public eWaste.
  • Pickup of obsolete equipment is slated during the months of January, April, July, and October each year.
  • Although the program is sponsored courtesy of Apple, all brands of electronics are accepted. Check the UH Quarterly eWaste Pick-Up Program 2013 Equipment List for accepted items.
  • All equipment collected through the program will be recycled domestically in the United States in an environmentally responsible way; none of the commodity materials or byproducts of the recycling process are shipped outside of North America.
  • A Certificate of Destruction will be provided when the destruction of the equipment is completed.

Program Requirements


Hawai‘i Island




Recycling Responsibly

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Due to the rapid advancement of technology, electronic equipment is the largest growing category of solid waste. Cell phones and computers are discarded each year in the U.S. These and other similar electronics may possibly end up in our planet’s landfills, contaminating them with harmful chemicals contained in electronic waste (eWaste).

Through sponsorship of Apple, the university has been able to sponsor Earth-friendly government/public drop-off recycling programs such as Hawai‘i’s Education & Government eWaste Disposal Days 2012; any future dates for drop-off recycling of electronics through the university will be announced at that program‘s webpage.