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SummaryStart TimeEnd Time
Update to Paystub web application Mar 13 10:00 PMMar 13 10:30 PM
Banner Self-Service, Forms, Reports, and Database server Patching Mar 07 01:00 PMMar 07 08:00 PM
[RESOLVED] Possible Problems Accessing Academic Services in MyUH Feb 17 11:10 AM
[RESOLVED] Laulima Application Issues Feb 11 01:10 PM
[RESOLVED] Coconut Island May Be Experiencing Connectivity Issues Dec 22 07:00 AM
[RESOLVED] MyUH Unavailable Dec 18 05:58 AM

Security Alerts

SummaryPosted On
Phishing Attempt: Invoice SO-78453 from the Training Network 03/05/2015
Phishing Attempt: Very Urgent 03/02/2015
Phishing Attempt: AOL - Violated Terms and Conditions 02/27/2015
Phishing Attempt: NEWS/UPDATE 02/27/2015
Phishing Attempt: You Have a New Message From 02/27/2015
Phishing Attempt: 02/26/2015
Phishing Attempt: Deactivation of Account 02/20/2015
Phishing Attempt: Help Desk 02/19/2015
Phishing Attempt: Help Desk - Upgrade Notice 02/18/2015
Phishing Attempt: Your Mailbox has exceeded 02/17/2015
Phishing Attempt: Re-validate Your Email To Avoid Deactivation of Email Account 02/17/2015
Phishing Attempt: Violated Terms and conditions 02/16/2015
Phishing Attempt: Important Document 02/06/2015
Phishing Attempt: Urgent Document 02/03/2015
Phishing Attempt: Failure to comply may result in the loss of your account within the next 24 hours 01/29/2015

General Notices & Announcements

SummaryPosted On
[RESOLVED] SIMP Login Unreachable 12/22/2014
End of support for Mac OS 10.6, 10.7 12/22/2014