Oracle Support Program

Information Technology Services (ITS) has established a support contract with Oracle for the University of Hawaii (UH) System. All UH departments are eligible to purchase the annual support which runs from July 1st through June 30th of the following year.

  • Support for Software (Enterprise Database, Tuning, Diagnostics & Advance Security)
  • Security & Product Alerts, Patch Advice and Health Checks
  • 24/7 online access to My Oracle Support (personalized and proactive support through a single point of entry and integrated dashboard)
  • 24/7 access to support engineers (if initial levels of support is not sufficient)
  • Access to the Oracle knowledgebase (500,000+ solutions, covering more than 1,250 products)
  1. This contract does NOT include hardware (no servers/storage).
  2. This contract does NOT include the Standard editions of the Oracle Database software.

Please visit the Oracle website for detailed information:

Pricing is dependent on the total number of processors* for which you require technical support. The annual cost is calculated as $1,300** x the number of processors. As part of the support purchase, you will be given two User Accounts to access the My Oracle Support web portal.


Total Number of
Price per
Total Annual Cost: User Accounts:
4 $1,300.00 * $5,200.00 2
ITS does reserve the right to increase prices periodically as needed.

* For our purposes a processor is equivalent to 1 virtual CPU, which is equivalent to 1 core. For multi-core processors each core is counted as a processor, e.g.: a 4-core processor represents a quantity of 4 processors.
** This cost is discounted approximately 95% off of the Oracle List Price and there are no up front costs for software licensing.

Ordering Instructions:

  1. Please request for a Billing Statement from the Site License Administrator by calling (808) 956-5783 or send email to:
  2. The following forms of payment will be accepted:
    • UH Interdepartmental Orders
    • RCUH Purchase Orders
    • UH Foundations PO/Reqs

    Cash, credit cards and P-Cards are NOT accepted.

    NOTE: Tax and shipping fees are NOT needed.
    Please use the address in Step #3 for the Vendor Address for UH IDOs/RCUH POs.

  3. Drop off or send the completed Billing Statement and Payment to the following address:
    University of Hawaii - ITS
    Attn: Site License Administrator
    2520 Correa Road, ITC 5th Floor
    Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822
  4. After ITS receives your order and processes your payment, the contact person on the order form will be sent an email message confirmation. At this time, you will receive instructions on how to register or link your Oracle user account(s) for the online support portal.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding the Oracle Support Program, please call the ITS Site License Administrator at (808) 956-5783 or send email to