Microsoft Select Plus License Program

Information Technology Services (ITS) has established a licensing agreement under the Microsoft Academic Select Program for all University of Hawaiʻi (UH) Departments. This program provides perpetual licenses at volume pricing for a variety of Microsoft products. Purchases through this program can be made ONLY by UH Departmental payments.

If you would like to purchase Microsoft products for personal use, please refer to the Personal Purchasing page for your options.

The Microsoft licensing program is separated into (3) product types. Click on the appropriate link below to see a listing of products and prices.

· Applications Price List: word processors, spreadsheets, databases, presentation graphics, etc.
(Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, etc.)
· Systems Price List: operating systems
(Windows Professional/Enterprise)
· Server Price List: network and server products
(Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, etc.)

Ordering Instructions:

  1. Complete and print out the Customer Info Sheet - PDF Fillable Version (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). This should be the contact information of the person this order will be placed under.
    NOTE: A Customer Information Sheet must be submitted with each order.

  2. Acceptable Payments: UH Interdepartmental Orders, RCUH POs & UH Foundations PO/Reqs
    • Tax and shipping fees are NOT needed.
    • Please use the address in Step #4 for the Vendor Address.
    • All payments must have original signatures (no copies or faxes will be processed)
    • Cash, credit cards and P-Cards are NOT accepted.

  3. Please list the full description of the license as it is shown on our price list on your payment. If applicable, please specify if you would like to downgrade the license to a previous version. For media sets, please list the name and version of the DVD you wish to purchase.
    Item #1: Office 2013 Professional Plus License
    (Downgrade to: Office 2010 Professional)
    Item #2: Office 2010 Professional DVD

  4. Send the completed Customer Info Sheet and the original Payment (fax or copies are not accepted) to the following address:
    University of Hawaiʻi - ITS
    Attn: Site License Administrator
    2520 Correa Road, ITC 5th Floor
    Honolulu, HI 96822
  5. After ITS receives and processes your payment, the contact person will receive an email confirmation which will include the payment number, quantity and product(s) ordered and any applicable installation/activation key codes. At this time, you may contact the Site License Office to schedule a pick up appointment to pick up purchased or loan installation software (if available). Please note, that obtaining your software is determined by first come, first served basis. Software ordered from the Neighbor Islands will be sent via Certified Mail.