About Site Licensed Software

Who are we?

Information Technology Services (ITS) is a system-wide department of the University of Hawaii (UH) located at the UH Manoa campus. The Site License Office was established to provide cost-efficient options for active UH members to purchase software. The office is comprised of the Site License Administrator, who establishes and maintains software contracts, along with two UH student assistants who help with processing orders.

What is a Site License?

A "site license" is a type of software licensing that allows the customer to install the software on a determined number of computers at a particular location. Annual contracts are negotiated between UH and various software vendors to provide software site licenses at a discounted academic rate.

When an active UH member purchases the "Site License" from the ITS Site License Office, you are purchasing the right to use that software for that particular contract period. When that period has passed and the contract has been renewed, you are required to submit a renewal payment for the new period in order to continue use of the software. If you do not submit a renewal payment, you no longer have the "right" to use the software. This is essentially an agreement to "lease" the software on an annual basis.


Costs savings for you.

Who is Eligible?

University of Hawaii Faculty and Staff, and UH affiliates are invited to take advantage of the cost savings available through the ITS Site License service. Select software are available for UH Students (EndNote, JMP Pro, NVivo & SAS).

How to Order