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The University's crime prevention program is based upon the dual concept of eliminating or minimizing opportunities for crime while encouraging students and employees to assume responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others by taking commonsense precautions. The following is a listing of of the University's crime prevention programs.
Crime Prevention Presentations
Presentations by Public Safety officers on various crime prevention topics are made annually to students living in the residence halls. Additional presentations are made to other students and employee organizations upon request. Information on safety and security is also provided to the campus community through a variety of media, as appropriate, including crime alerts, posters, brochures, employee bulletins, the student newspaper, and social media.

Facilities and Grounds Surveys
All potential safety and security hazards observed by our officers on patrol are promptly reported to the appropriate maintenance department for corrective action on a timely basis. The Chief also participates in the review of safety issues and concerns in the design of new buildings.

Special Services
The Department of Public Safety also provides, upon request, special security services for visiting VIPs, special campus events, and the University President.

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