Security Alert - Warning concerning Date-Rape Drug

On Monday February 27, 2012, a student reported to Campus Security that she believes that she had been given a drink containing a "date-rape drug” after being approached by two males she did not know.
The reported incident began at Hemenway Hall in Mānoa Gardens at about 6:00 p.m. on Friday, February 24. After consuming the drink, she has no memory of the rest of the night, awakening in an off-campus apartment with a person she didn’t know.

The student reported symptoms consistent with the ingestion of date-rape drug substances: a rapid onset of intoxication out of proportion to what alcohol has been consumed and reported memory loss.

There is an active investigation into this incident.

To protect yourself, Campus Security warns everyone not to leave drinks unattended and to be wary of accepting drinks from anyone you do not know well. It is recommended that, in drinking situations, to be with friends and to look out for each other. If you or your friends exhibit symptoms including dizziness and/or nausea, memory loss, and breathing or motion difficulties, get help. If you are on campus, call Campus Security at 956-6911 or police at 911.

Remember, 1) date-rape drugs are illegal and 2) sex without consent, even under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is considered rape.

If you have any knowledge of this incident, or feel you may have been a victim of a date-rape drug, contact Campus Security at 956-6911, HPD at 911 or the Women’s Center at 956-8059.