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Envision yourself at high school graduation, knowing that you have already earned six, twelve, or even thirty college credits.

The possibility exists...
can you make it real?

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Things to Consider Before Applying to Running Start

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Running Start?

Running Start is a statewide program that provides an opportunity for academically qualified juniors and seniors to enroll in college classes through the University of Hawaiʻi system as part of their high school coursework. This unique partnership between the Hawaii State Department of Education and the University of Hawaiʻi System allows public high school students to attend college classes during the fall, spring, and summer while earning both high school and college credits. Currently, nine UH campuses participate in the Running Start program:

How is Running Start different from other early college programs?

The Running Start Program provides a great opportunity for early access to college. Unlike other early access programs, it guarantees both high school and college credit to students who complete their coursework successfully. The college credits earned by Running Start students are accepted at all ten campuses of the University of Hawaiʻi System. Students who plan to attend private or mainland universities after high school graduation need to check with each individual institution regarding their acceptance of credit from concurrent enrollment programs such as Running Start.

Who can participate?

Any public high school or charter school student enrolled in grade 11 or 12 within the state of Hawaiʻi who:

Should I participate?

Although the Running Start program provides a great opportunity for early access to college, it also comes with great responsibility. A student who decides to drop or withdraw from a college course mid-semester, runs the risk of not fulfilling high school graduation requirements. It is important for students and parents to review all resource material available on this website and to seek additional information, if needed, from their high school and/or college Running Start counselors before committing to participation. For a brief overview of the Running Start Programʻs strengths and weaknesses, as well as what students should expect to encounter as college students, please click on the Things to Consider Before Applying to Running Start link in the left menu bar.

What courses can I take?

Effective from Spring 2008, all UH courses at or above the 100-level are available to Running Start students, provided the student meets any individual course pre-requisites. Please click on the Sample of Running Start Courses link in the left menu bar to see a list of college courses students have enrolled in for Running Start in the past.

How do I apply?

In order to participate in Running Start, students need to complete the Running Start Online Application Form (link to the online application available in the left menu bar), which requires authorization from the student's parent/guardian, high school counselor, and high school principal. The studentʻs high school counselor should review the need for placement scores and other pre-requisites as applicable, for the college campus where the student plans to enroll. The counselor will also help to determine if the college course is fulfilling a specific requirement or elective for high school graduation. Once all approvals have been received, the student will submit their Running Start application form, along with a University of Hawaiʻi Application Form (see link below), to the UH Campus they wish to attend. Once admitted, the student should meet with the University of Hawaiʻi Running Start Counselor to receive additional assistance in registering for courses and ensuring that all college admission requirements are met.

To download a UH System Application Form, go to:

Is financial aid available?

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) Hawaiʻi offers a limited number of scholarships to students who are economically disadvantaged. (The term "economically disadvantaged" is defined as students who receive free lunch, reduced lunch, or the equivalent for schools not participating in the National School Luch Program, or students who participate in the Supplemental Assistance for Needy Families - SNAP - or the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families - TANF - program.) For more details on the Running Start Scholarship, please click on the Running Start Scholarship Deadlines and Information link in the left menu bar. Other scholarships opportunities may also be available; students should check with their high school counselor, or their UH Running Start Counselor at the campus they plan to attend, to see if other forms of financial assistance are available.

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