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Papers in Progress Sessions (PIPS) is an informal event organized by graduate students, wherein each week a student presents his or her current research to an audience of several other graduate students and a few faculty members. The presenting student gives a twenty minute presentation, and is afterwards provided with critical feedback from a designated respondent and other graduate students and faculty in attendance. This event has several beneficial qualities. First, the presenting student receives valuable feedback on his or her academic writing; specifically, the structure of the argument being presented. Second, graduate students learn how to respond with stimulating questions in a seminar setting. And third, other graduate students and faculty members learn about each others’ interests and participate intellectually in a casual, co-curricular environment. PIPS is not required but it is highly recommended that graduate students attend and present at least once each semester.

Check the Events Schedule for the Spring 2015 schedule of PIPS presentations. Unless specified otherwise, PIPS events will be held in the department library (Sakamaki A302).

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