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Bachelor of Arts in Religion

To satisfy the requirements of the Religion major at UH Manoa, students must complete 30 credit hours at the 200-level and above, including 18 credit hours in 300- and 400-level courses. A minimum of 2.5 GPA in Religion courses must be maintained for graduation. The only required course is The Study of Religion (REL 300).

Prospective students should also become familiar with the general requirements for Undergraduate Degrees from the College of Arts and Sciences, which must be satisfied in order to graduate.

Student Learning Outcomes for Religion Majors

  • Students acquire basic knowledge and understanding of the history, scriptures, doctrines, rituals and other practices of the major world religious traditions.
  • Students become acquainted with major themes in the study of religion.
  • Students read and analyze primary source material, including scriptures, faith statements, etc.
  • Students read and analyze scholarly articles and monographs in the field.
  • Students begin the process of learning to write scholarly materials in genres appropriate to the field of Religious Studies, including research papers, exegetical essays, etc.

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Minor in Religion

To complete a minor in Religion, students must complete 15 credit hours at the 300 level and above. Students are also required to take a theory and methods course called The Study of Religion (REL 300).

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