I could not put together the nineteen pages of Table III in a way to make fully legible the 317 published, quantitative studies in the table. Therefore, I merged each successive four-pages of the table into the following GIF images:

Table III.1:
Abravanel & Hughes (1973) to Dowty (1970, 1971);

Table III.2:
Dowty (1972) to Keim (1971);

Table III.3:Keim & Rummel (1969) to Powel, et al. (1974);

Table III.4:
Randle (1972) to Van Atta & Robertson (1975);

Table III.5:
Van Atta & Rummel (1977) to Zinnes, et al. (1972) and footnotes.


* Table scanned from Appendix III in R.J. Rummel, Understanding Conflict and War: Vol. 4: War, Power, Peace.

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