TABLE 16C.3*

I could not put together the seven pages of Table 16C.3 in a way to make the 167 studies and their evaluations shown in the table fully legible. Therefore, I merged each successive two-pages of the table into the following GIF images:

Table 16C.3.1:
Static-Case Level up to Otterbein (1968) of the Static-Nation Level;

Table 16C.3.2:
Otterbein (1970) of the Static-Nation Level up to Weil (1975) of the Static-Dyadic Level;

Table 16C.3.3:
Appendix I:4.1 of the Static-Dyadic Level through Surveys (between the Static System Level and the Surveys Level, the unlabeled division should read "Dynamic System" Level);

Table 16C.3.4:


* Table scanned from Appendix 16C in R.J. Rummel, Understanding Conflict and War: Vol. 4: War, Power, Peace.

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