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Dead on a doorstep



I have given many statistics about democide on this website and in my Democratic Peace blog. But, who can digest a total of 1,000,000 or more murdered. It is near impossible to empathize with the human catastrophe such statistics dimly reflect when we have difficulty getting a feel for numbers greater than six or seven. A murderer tortures and kills three people, and that gets into our gut -- three loving, feeling, human beings killed in agony. We can imagine this happening to our family or circle of close friends. But mention 10,000, 100,000, or 1,000,000, and that is beyond imagination and feeling; they are only a numbers. I have tried to help understand such numbers by visualizing them (link here), and that may have been helpful. To do more toward getting a feel for democide and war dead, I link below a number of docudramas. They come from my series of alternative history novels, the Never Again Series, and help explain why my interpret lovers volunteer to be sent back to 1906 on a deadly mission to prevent such democides and wars from ever happening.

Links to Docudramas

All books referenced are in the Never Again Series, and are FREE as downloadable pdf. To go directly to the download page, click the face below.

World War I Battle of the Somme

Stalin's forced Ukrainian famine in the early 1930s

Hitler's Holocaust -- A German's story

Mao's Cultural Revolution in China

Pakistan's Genocide in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)

Pol Pot's Cambodian Communist Revolution

Rwanda's Great Genocide

Turkey's Genocide of the Armenians

King Leopold's democide of his Congo Free State

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