Board of Regents Policy 4.205 Board of Regents Policy 4.205


Institutional Accountability and Performance


Regents Policy Chapter 4, Planning
Regents Policy RP 4.205, Institutional Accountability and Performance
Effective Date:  Oct. 18, 2002
Prior Dates Amended:  Jan. 20, 1989; Jan. 22, 1999; Oct. 31, 2014 (recodified)
Review Date:  August 2017

I. Purpose

To set forth policy on institutional accountability and educational assessment processes.

II. Definitions

No policy specific or unique definitions apply.

III. Board of Regents Policy

    A. The university is committed to accountability and educational assessment processes that provide for the regular and systematic assessment of programs, campuses, and the university as a whole. The intent is to gather evidence about the institution’s effectiveness in meeting its mission, goals, and objectives, and to use this information to improve programs and services and demonstrate public accountability. Board policy purposefully decentralizes assessment activities, while maintaining an overall policy framework appropriate for a heterogeneous statewide public higher education system. Assessment of student learning outcomes is a responsibility to the faculty.

    B. Assessment processes are intended to ensure that:

        1. Goals and objectives of each unit of the university reflect the unit’s mission;

        2. Planning is complemented by systematic monitoring of progress towards achieving planned objectives;

        3. Collection of information about the achievement of goals and objectives is an ongoing activity designed to maximize the use of existing data; and

        4. Information collected is used to improve programs and services.

    C. Institutional assessment and accountability are focused on program and institutional performance rather than individual evaluation. As such, they complement the evaluation of staff and employees, such that required by RP 9.213 of Board Bylaws and Policies (Evaluation of Board of Regents’ Appointees), and the evaluation of student performance which is carried out as a regular part of the instructional process.

    D. In order to implement the university’s commitment to accountability and performance assessment, the president promulgates relevant policies setting forth objectives and guidelines and directing vice presidents and chancellors in consultation with unit administrators, faculty and students to develop unit and campus assessment programs and activities that address these objectives and guidelines. To the extent possible, assessment activities shall be incorporated into existing program review/evaluation, accreditation, and institutional planning, budgeting, and tuition-setting processes.

    E. Benchmarks/performance indicators adopted by the board shall be the basis for university system reports that summarize overall institutional accountability relative to the most recent strategic plan goals with reference to accreditation standards as appropriate. It is understood that the administration shall refine and modify these indicators as warranted and reports on them each biennium.

    F. In addition to benchmark/performance indicator reports, the board shall be informed of university assessment activities by means of special reports and as part of ongoing program review, accreditation, planning, budgeting and tuition-setting processes.

IV. Delegation of Authority

There is no specific policy delegation of authority.

V. Contact Information

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, 956-7075,

VI. References

VII. Exhibits and Appendices

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    Approved as to Form:    
    Cynthia Quinn    
    October 31, 2014    
    Executive Administrator and Secretary of the Board of Regents


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