Executive Policy 9.213 Executive Policy 9.213


Stakeholder Representation on University Committees


Executive Policy Chapter 9, Human Resources
Executive Policy EP 9.213, Stakeholder Representation on University Committees
Effective Date:  October 2014
Prior Dates Amended:  January 2005
Responsible Office:  Vice President for Administration, Office of Human Resources
Governing Board of Regents Policy: RP 2.202, Duties of the President
Review Date:  August 2019

I. Purpose

Good management practice encourages stakeholder participation in important decisions affecting the University. 

The objective of this executive policy is to insure that, to the extent possible, all University stakeholders are represented on University committees involved in policy making and search committees for senior level managers and executives.

II. Definitions

No policy specific or unique definitions apply.

III. Executive Policy

    To the extent that it is feasible, University search committees formed to screen candidates for Associate Dean positions and above, as well as committees established to recommend major policy changes at the Chancellors’ level and above, shall include representatives from the APT, faculty, civil service, student and management ranks where such groups are directly impacted by the
policy changes under consideration.  Such representation on other committees is strongly encouraged.  To the extent possible, individuals from areas which will be directly impacted by the recommendations of the committee should be appointed to serve on such committees.

    The Chancellors shall have the responsibility of insuring compliance with this policy on their campuses.  The Vice President for Administration shall insure compliance by system offices.

IV. Delegation of Authority

There is no policy specific delegation of authority.

V. Contact Information

Office of Human Resources
Telephone: (808) 956-8458
OHR Website

Office of the Vice President for Administration
Telephone: (808) 956-6405
Email:  vpadmin@hawaii.edu

VI. References

    A. Link to superseded Executive Policies in old format https://www.hawaii.edu/policy/archives/ep/

    B. Link to Administrative Procedures in old format https://www.hawaii.edu/policy/archives/apm/sysap.php

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    David Lassner    
    October 31, 2014    


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