Board of Regents Policy 10.203 Board of Regents Policy 10.203


Management and Maintenance of Real Property Assets


Regents Policy Chapter 10, Land and Physical Facilities
Regents Policy RP 10.203, Management and Maintenance of Real Property Assets
Effective Date: 
Prior Dates Amended:  Oct. 31, 2014 (recodified)
Review Date:  August 2019

I. Purpose

To set forth policy regarding the management and maintenance of real property assets.

II. Definitions

No policy specific or unique definitions apply.

III. Board of Regents Policy

    A. The physical assets of the university represent the visible character and intrinsic values of the university. The design and condition of these assets determine the operational quality of the campus to support its core educational mission. It is incumbent upon all parties responsible for these assets to ensure that each campus positively reflects its mission and provides a quality learning environment.

    B. The university shall create and maintain an inventory of its facilities and improvements including required capital renewal investments and renovations along with projected costs. This plan shall be reviewed by the Board of Regents at least every two years, in conjunction with the preparation of the university‚Äôs biennium budget request. Costs to implement the plans, as well as energy costs for each campus, shall be reviewed as part of the biennium budget request.

    C. In addition, the university shall implement an ongoing facilities maintenance program to ensure that routine maintenance is performed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

    D. New construction projects, when presented to the board, shall provide estimated operational and maintenance costs, along with an explanation of how costs will be funded.

IV. Delegation of Authority

There is no policy specific delegation of authority.

V. Contact Information

Office of the Board of Regents, 956-8213,

VI. References

VII. Exhibits and Appendices

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    approved as to Form:    
    Cynthia Quinn    
    October 31, 2014    
    Executive Administrator and Secretary of the Board of Regents


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