Friends of the Department

The Department of Philosophy has connections with many individuals, foundations, departments and institutions around the world and on the Mānoa campus. Thanks to the tireless work of our faculty and staff and the support of extremely generous donors and the University, the Department has been able to produce a notably wide range of research projects – both practical and theoretical – in philosophy. Below is a list of friends of the Department who continue to support this work.

Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education

In its devotion to the enhancement of educational environments by the promotion of a diverse range of approaches to ethical issues, the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education has been a generous donor to many of the Department’s interdependent endeavors for many years. The p4c Hawai‘i movement has benefitted greatly from the support of the Uehiro Foundation over the years. Most recently, a generous increase in support to p4c Hawai‘i has made possible the creation of the UHM Uehiro Academy for Philosophy and Ethics in Education. In addition to this, the Foundation has supported the East-West Philosophers’ Conference – held on the topic of philosophy of education in 2005 – the Department’s Uehiro Graduate Philosophy Conference, and an annual essay award.

Ruth Kleinfeld

For more than a decade, Dr. Ruth Kleinfeld, Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Reproductive Biology at UH Mānoa, has been attending undergraduate and graduate classes in the Department including courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Indian Philosophy, as well as courses in the philosophy of art. Dr. Kleinfeld has supported many of the Department’s endeavors over this period. She has contributed funds year-after-year to support graduate student travel with the Kleinfeld-Lenney Travel Award. She has also been a sponsor of p4c and a supporter of the Department’s annual graduate student conference. Dr. Kleinfeld is enthusiastic in her support faculty and student research, and through a number of generous contributions has made possible the development and recent foundation of the Department’s EPOCH Project.

Collaborating Departments
Peking University

UHM has had a funded faculty exchange agreement with Peking University for more than a quarter of a century where every year two of their faculty teach on our campus, and the equivalent of two faculty (24 months) are available to UHM faculty and graduate students to conduct research at Peking University. Several of our faculty (Ames, Tanke) teach regularly on the Peking University campus.

Renmin University

UHM has hosted a delegation of 17 members of the philosophy department of the People’s University of China in 2012, and agreed to different kinds of collaboration. For example, several members of our department have been teaching courses at Renda (Albertini, Ames, Cheng).

Shandong University

UHM has signed an agreement to facilitate exchanges between our two institutions. At present we are committed to hosting a joint conference every second year. The first conference on “Confucianism and Social Justice” was held in Jilin in 2012, and a second conference on “Confucianism as World Philosophy” will be held in Honolulu in October 2014.

University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP)

The University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy is a cutting-edge international research center in Japan. In addition to the various collaborations between individual faculty members from both institutions, the department of philosophy at UHM runs formal philosophy programs in co-operation with UTCP.

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Area Centers

The UHM area centers in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and South Asian studies provide tremendous support to philosophy students in the way of conferences, scholarships, graduate assistantships, and diversely qualified faculty members.

Center for Chinese Studies
Center for Japanese Studies
Center for Korean Studies
Center for South Asian Studies


University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Language Departments

Given the emphasis the department places on language proficiency in its students, most UHM philosophy students will work with one or more of the excellent language departments on campus and their committed faculty members. 

East Asian Languages and Literatures
Chinese; Japanese; Korean

Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures
Arabic; Hindi; Pali; Sanskrit

Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas
French; German; Greek; Latin