Emeriti Faculty

tilesJames Tiles

Professor Emeritus (1989–2010)

Although a native of the United States, Jim Tiles received most of his academic training and (prior to coming to Hawaii in 1989) all of his teaching experience in England. He took his D.Phil. at Oxford in 1978 and for fifteen years was lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Reading. He has written Things that Happen, an essay on the conceptual status of events, and the Dewey volume in the series “The Arguments of the Philosophers” and collaborated with Mary Tiles on An Introduction to Historical Epistemology. Prof. Tiles retired in 2009.


mtilesMary Tiles

Professor Emerita (1989–2009)

Mary Tiles joined the Department in 1989. She holds a doctorate from the University of Bristol and a B.Phil. from the University of Oxford. She taught at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and at Swarthmore College before coming to Hawaii. One of her books is on the French philosopher of science, Gaston Bachelard; two others deal with aspects of the philosophy of mathematics; one co-authored book is on epistemology and another on technology and culture. Prof. Tiles retired in 2009.


deutschEliot Deutsch

Professor Emeritus (1967–2008)

Sakamaki Hall D-304
e: eliot@hawaii.edu

Eliot Deutsch joined the Department in 1967 as Professor of Philosophy and as Editor of Philosophy East and West. He received his doctorate from Columbia University and has been a visiting professor at The University of Chicago and at Harvard University and a Visiting Fellow and Life Member of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge. He has also been an invited lecturer at universities throughout the world, including Oxford, Lucknow University, Boston University, Fudan University (Shanghai), Madras University, the University of Rajasthan, Nanjing University, Harvard, and the University of Chicago.

Professor Deutsch has been the recipient of fellowships from the American Institute of Indian Studies, The American Council of Learned Societies and the National Endowment for the Humanities. He is a past president of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy.

Professor Deutsch has published 16 books and over 100 articles and reviews in professional journals. His work has been translated into French, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Prof. Deutsch retired in 2008.

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