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New Documents
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General Documents
Fact Sheet #73 - Break Time for Nursing Mothers 07-01-10            
Disaster Response Manual for Managers 12-03-12
Memo: Vacancy Announcements for APT Positions 11-19-02
Memo: Consolidated University Vacancy Announcements 11-19-02
Memo: Securing Information Technology Services (ITS) User Names 04-22-02
DHRD Memo: Maintenance of Health Fund Information 04-04-02
Memo: Children at the Workplace 04-04-01
Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA) Frequently Asked Questions 06-14-06
Workplace Violence Manual 02-11-02
Employing Agency Codes 11-03-11
Non-Renewal of Extramurally-Funded Employees 06-29-00
Invention Disclosure Assignment Agreement 05-19-00
Campaign Restrictions for State Officials and State Employees 05-18-00
State Holidays for Year 2014 & 2015
State Holidays for Year 2013 & 2014
State Holidays for Year 2011 & 2012
State Holidays for Year 2010 & 2011
State Holidays for Year 2009 & 2010
State Holidays for Year 2008 & 2009
State Holidays for Year 2006 & 2007
State Holidays for Year 2004 & 2005
Monthly Report of Delegated Actions
These documents are intended for designated HR representatives and have been referenced in previous email messages or at meetings and training sessions. Additional information and explanations may have been presented verbally in the meeting or training sessions. Thus, please ensure actions taken are in accordance with applicable statutes, policies, procedures, collective bargaining agreements and sound HR practices. Note that the date indicated with the document is the date of the email message, meeting or training.  
December 2014 HR Ohana Agenda 12-04-14
September 2014 HR Ohana 04-02-14
April 2014 HR Ohana 04-02-14
December 2013 HR Ohana 12-10-13
August 2013 HR Ohana Agenda 08-02-13
Negotiations Update 05-22-13
Timeline for Personnel Actions 05-22-13
Timeline for 2013 Mass PeopleSoft Actions 05-22-13
Benefits Update 05-22-13
Leave System - Error Reporting Worksheet 05-22-13
Team Viewer 05-22-13
Compensatory Time Off Training
  • Summary
  • Worksheet
  • Scenarios
  • 11-07-12
    Civil Service Exemptions in Order to Contract Services 09-25-12
    Manoa Informational Session - 09/26/12 09-25-12
    Employee Assistance Program 03-19-12
    Deferral of Faculty Lump Sum 03-19-12
    2-digit FICA/Retirement Code 03-19-12
    Online Leave Reminders 03-19-12
    Timesheet and Payment Systems (TAPS) 02-02-12
    CURE - PeopleSoft Changes 02-01-12
    Discoverer Pre-Defined Query Training 08-22-11
    Leave Sharing 04-11-11
    EUTF Adult Child Eligibility 04-11-11
    Faculty Salary Restoration/Retirement Lump Sum Payment 04-13-11
    Tracking Faculty Salaries (Enlarged) 09-23-10
    Manoa Quarterly Meeting 09/14/10 09-14-10
    Manoa Quarterly Meeting 12/10/09 12-09-09
    Electronic PNF 07-23-09
    Data Breach Debrief 07-23-09
    Form I-9 update 07-23-09
    E-verify 07-23-09
    New Ethnicity Form 07-23-09
    Pro-Rata Summer Pay Training (Handout) 03-19-09
    Pro-Rata Summer Pay Class Exercise 03-19-09
    Pro-Rata Summer Pay Training (PowerPoint-Hit F5 key) 03-19-09
    Form I-9 and New Hire PNF for 9-Month (Handout) 03-19-09
    Form I-9 and New Hire PNF for 9-Month (PowerPoint-Hit F5 key) 03-19-09
    Broadband Overview 02-17-09
    Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining 02-17-09
    Alternative Work Week 12-09-08
    E-Verify Update 12-09-08
    Status of HR Applications 08-12-08
    CURE - Consolidated University Records of Employees 08-12-08
    HR DataMart and Confidential Data 05-07-08
    Final Internal Revenue Code 403(b) Regulations 09-19-07
    Vacation Pay Deferral Program 09-19-07
    Discoverer Simple Query Training 09-21-07
    PeopleSoft Position Panel Modifications 09-21-07
    FileDrop - Sending Large and/or Secured Attachments 09-21-07
    Electronic Performance Appraisal System (PAS) 09-18-07
    Vacation Deferral 04-18-07
    BOR Executive Policy Presenation 12-08-06
    WorkatUH Guidelines (Editing Rules) 09-26-06
    Electronic Workflow 09-26-06
    General Confidentiality Notice 09-26-06
    Information on Safely Handling Mail and Parcels
    Information from the Department of Human Resources Development and the Department of Health regarding the handling of Anthrax scares or threats in letters and packages.

    DHRD cover memo

    Guidelines from Dept of Health

    Dept of Health Brochure on Anthrax

    Dept of Health Advisory Poster

    Additional Information may be found at the following web sites:

  • General Information from the FBI
  • CDC Health Advisory
  • Press Release from Postal Service
  • State of Hawai'i Department of Health
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Documents (05/11/06)
    Implementation of Drug and Alcohol Testing (DAT) for employees in HGEA units 2, 3, 4 and 9 and their excluded counterparts.
  • State of Hawaii DAT Memorandum of Agreement
  • Executive Order 03-10
  • Employee's Handbook
  • Supervisor Guidelines
  • New Smoke Free Workplace Law (11/15/06)
    Brief overview of the new smoke free workplace law.

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