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UH O‘ahu Campuses Softball Tournament Photos

From 2006-2015, the University of Hawai‘i-O‘ahu Campuses held a Softball Tournament benefitting the Aloha United Way (AUW). The tournament developed into an event that sparked camaraderie and friendly competition among the University of Hawaii's O‘ahu campuses and administrative offices. Team entry fees and other donations raised during the softball tournament went towards the University's AUW campaign.

The fun-filled event featured door prizes and standard ballpark fare. All faculty and staff were invited to participate, either on the field as a softball player or in the stands as a member of their team's cheering squad.

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Leeward CC team
UH Manoa team
UH West Oahu team
UH System team
Honolulu CC team
Windward CC team
Kapiolani CC team
Leeward CC fans
UHWO fans
AUW staff

More photos from the 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2011 Softball Tournaments.


2011 LCC team
System team
Manoa team
National Anthem
HCC batter
2008 First Pitch
2008 First Pitch
National Anthem
2008 UHWO Groundbreakers
AUW fan
HCC pass
2008 WCC batter
2008 KCC batter
2008 statistician
2008 Manoa fans
2008 System batter
2008 System huddle
2007 UH System Darksiders
2007 stands
AUW team
Play ball!
President McClain
Cheerleader Norma
UH System Darksiders
HCC 2007
UHWO Ground Breakers
UHWO Ground Breakers
AUW 2007
2006 Awards
2006 HCC Cougars
HCC Cougars1
2006 WCC Pride
Ed throw
Ryan manages
WCC Pride
UHWO Feral Cats
Manoa Green
UHWO fans
UHWO fans