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The story of the Hawai'i Research Center for Futures Studies (HRCFS) is one of impressive contributions from very limited resources. The HRCFS was established by the Hawai‘i State Legislature in 1971 to collect and disseminate information about futures studies and to do futures research for public and private groups within the State, the region, and throughout the world (Chapter 222).

Locally, since that time, the HRCFS, located within the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) of the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, has proven to be an invaluable resource. It has provided futures-oriented information and conducted workshops for almost all State and City agencies as well as for many commercial and nonprofit local groups throughout the State.

The HRCFS also works closely with the Alternative Futures Graduate program within the University of Hawai‘i’s Department of Political Science.  That program, created in 1977, has produced scores of women and men who have gone on to become professional futures consultants in many fields, locally, nationally, and worldwide.  One component of the Graduate program is a paid internship that many students experience either with the HRCFS or with the Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF), in Alexandria, Virginia, one of the oldest and most respected futures consulting firms in the world.  The HRCFS also cooperates with the Program in Public Administration, and other SSRI and University units on applied futures-oriented projects especially in global change and environmental management in Hawai’i and throughout the Pacific Island region.

Nationally, the HRCFS has itself become a major futures resource. For one example, the HRCFS was responsible, with IAF, for creating the concept and reality of “judicial foresight"--incorporating futures studies into judicial administrative decision-making.  This began with work done by the HRCFS with the Hawai‘i State Judiciary from the 1970s onward.  Subsequently, the HRCFS has engaged in judicial foresight activities indirectly with all, and directly with ten, other U.S. state judiciaries, as well as with the U. S. federal judiciary, many national and state bar associations, and more recently with several foreign judiciaries, primarily in the Asia-Pacific.  The State Justice Institute, a U.S. federal agency for state judiciaries, made the category “Futures and the Courts” one of its major funding categories specifically because of work done with and through the HRCFS and the IAF. The HRCFS has also consulted with many other governmental units, universities, businesses, religious organizations, and nonprofit entities throughout North America.

Globally, the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF), the premier world organization of groups and individuals conducting futures research at a professional level, chose the Center to house the WFSF Secretariat during the 1980s and early 90s, and awarded the HRCFS its highest honor for excellence in futures research in 1994.

The Center has been an Affiliate Campus of the International Space University (ISU) of Strasbourg, France since 1996. As such, UH faculty and students have participated in the Masters in Space Studies (MSS) program at the main campus in Strasbourg and the Summer Session Program (SSP) which is held in different locations around the world (most recently, California Polytechnic University-Pomona; University of Bremen, Germany; Federico Santa Maria Technical University, Chile; and Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand).

Similarly, selected ISU MSS students come to the University of Hawai'i campus each year for their Internship Program. HRCFS and ISU also cooperate in various research, training and outreach projects.

Funded Research Projects:

--Conference on "Globalization, Public Institutions and Fairness", January 5-9, 2002. Sponsored by the Hawai'i Research Center for Futures Studies and the Public Administration Program, in cooperation with the Center for Korean Studies, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, and the World Academy of Art and Science. Funded by the Globalization Research Center and the State's Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism.

See <www.fairglobe.hawii.edu>

A book based on the conference is being written currently.

--"Environmental Scanning," Conducted every two years for the Office of Planning, Judiciary, State of Virginia, since 1994.  The most recent scan was undertaken in 2002. 

Public Lectures at UHM Sponsored by the HRCFS:

July 16, "Futures studies in Europe and the US," Dr. Wendy Schultz, Program on the Future, University of Houston, Clear Lake,

July24, Dr. Witaya Jeradechakul, Executive Director, APEC Center for Technology Foresight, National Science and Technology Development Agency, Government of Thailand, discussing possible cooperation between his Center in Thailand and the Futures Center.

International Space University Student Placements:

1999-Laurance Higgs (UK)

2000--Jonathan Ricketson (Australia)

2001--Sandra Janosik (Canada) (interned with Tom McCord, Hawai'i Institute of Geology and Planetology).

2002--Summer Ann Ash (US) interned with Karen Meech (Institute for Astronomy) and Desiderio Magtanggol Reyes (Philippines) interned with the Futures Center

Recent Books and Monographs

Jim Dator, ed., Advancing Futures: Futures Studies in Higher Education. Wesport, CT: Praeger, 2002

Jim Dator, et al., Hawai'i 2000: Past, Present and Futures. Prepared for the Office of Planning, Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, State of Hawai'i, December 1999

Tae-Chang Kim and Jim Dator, eds., Co-Creating a Public Philosophy for Future Generations. London: Adamantine Press, 1999 (From a conference held in Honolulu, sponsored by the HRCFS, and funded by the Future Generations Alliance of Kyoto, Japan)

Jim Dator, ed., "Futures Studies in Higher Education," Entire Issue, Vol, 42, No. 3, American Behavioral Scientist. November/December 1998

Recent publications in books and journals

"Some in power, some in pain: A symphonic meditation on humanity and space," in Michael Rycroft, ed., Beyond the International Space Station: The future of human spaceflight. Dodrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002

"Artilectual salutations," Journal of Futures Studies, Vol. 6, No. 2, November 2001, 87-92

(With Jerome Glenn and Theodore Gordon), "Closing the deal: How to make organizations act on futures research. Foresight, Vol. 3, No.3, June 2001, 177-189

"The last supper of the dinosaurs: Futures of shopping malls," Journal of Futures Studies, Vol. 5, No. 4, May 2001, 93-110.

Jim Dator, “Judicial governance of the Long Blur,” Futures, Vol. 33, No. 1, January 2001

Jim Dator, "When courts are overgrown with grass: Futures of courts and law," Futures. Vol. 32, No. 1 February 2000

Jim Dator, "Bright future for unions?" in Arthur Shostak, CyberUnion. M. E. Sharpe, 1999

Jim Dator, "Return to long waves," Futures, Vol 31, No. 3/4, April/May 1999

Jim Dator, "From tsunamis to long waves and back," Futures, Vol 31, No. 1, February 1999

Workshops and Presentations during 2002

International Presentations

June 4, " Some in Power, Some in Pain: A symphonic meditation on humanity and space, in four movements". Keynote address for the Symposium, "Beyond the International Space Station: The Future of Human Spaceflight", Strasbourg, France

July 13, "Assuming 'responsibility for your rose'", for the International Seminar on "Reconceiving Environmental Values in a Globalising World," Mansfield College, Oxford, UK.

October 27, "Alternative futures of families, communities, and courts," for the International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates XVI World Congress, Melbourne, Australia 

November 6, "Theories, methods and approaches to teaching futures studies: A backward glance," Teaching Futures Studies: an International Colloquium," Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan. 

International Presentations in Hawaii

January 6-9, "Globalization, Fairness and Public Institutions, An International  'dialogic' Conference" organized by the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies and the Public Administration Program, University of Hawaii, and funded by the Globalization Research Center, University of Hawaii and the Hawaii State Department on Business, Economic Development and Tourism.

April 10, "Real men don't go to court: Futures of ADR, then and now". Keynote address for the International ADR Conference on "New Paradigms in Conflict Resolution", Imin Auditorium, East West Center.

Presentations on the US Mainland

July 25-August 14 Annual Summer Session of the International Space University, meeting this year at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California 

Presentations in Hawai'i

January 16, Architecture Symposium about future of UH.

January 31, Futures Studies for Architecture, Incoming doctoral class, College of Architecture, UHM

February 19, "What is Political Science?", for Prof. Joe Overton's Polsci 110 course, Kapiolani Community College

February 23, Chair, Panel on Applied Futures Studies, Annual East West Center Graduate Students' Conference, Imin Center

June 13,  (with Kaipo Lum) “The Futures, Then and Now: Reflections on the Futures and on Futures Studies by an Older and a Younger Futurist”. Inaugural meeting of the Honolulu Chapter, World Future Society, Plaza Club

September 12, "Education for futures," Honolulu District's Department of Education staff conference on ESLL response to "No Child Left Behind", McCoy Pavilion

October 3, "Message to the 'President' of the United Nations, October 3, 2012" for the Panel on "Sustainable Islands", Pacific Writers' Congress, Bishop Museum, Atherton Halau

October 8,  "Futures theories and methods" for Honors 495, Kuykendall Hall, 313 

Recent Articles about the Center  

October 18, November 12, Interview with Asahi Shimbun reporters. Article appeared in Asahi Shimbun, November 27, 2002

July 15, 26, 29 Telephone interviews with Joshua Davis of Wired Magazine about the practical uses of futures studies. Article appeared in Wired, October 2002, p. 48

Jan TenBruggencate, "Hawaii paddles uncharted course," Honolulu Advertiser, January 3, 2000, p. A1, A6

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Keiji Oshita interview in Japanese, in East West Journal,  April 15, 1999

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Eloise Aguiar, "Knowledge of the Future," Honolulu Star-Bulletin, December 25, 1999. 

Wade Kilohana Shirkey, "Futurists hope Y2K won't end thinking about possibilities," Honolulu Advertiser, December 31, 1999