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Date Adopted Resolution Title Comments
08/17/202323-01: Resolution To Further Act on Items Relating to Maunakea Management and Repeal of Regents Resolutions 19-03 and 21-02
05/20/202121-02: Resolution To Further Act on Items Relating to Maunakea Management and Amend Board of Regents Resolution 19-03
05/20/202121-03: Resolution Requesting the Administration of the University of Hawai‘i to Pursue an Adjusted Utility Rate Structure for Institutions of Higher Education from the Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.
04/15/202121-01: Requesting a Comprehensive Plan to Achieve a Reimagined University of Hawai‘i
08/20/202020-03: Proclaiming an Emergency and Directing Action by the University of Hawai‘i Administration
06/18/202020-01: Authorizing Hangar 111 Abrogation Kalaeloa Airport, Barbers Point, Oahu, Hawai‘i
11/06/201919-03: Resolution to Act on Items Relating to Maunakea Management
10/17/201919-02: Resolution Urging De-escalation of Tension and Non-violent Solutions Within the University of Hawai‘i Community Regarding Maunakea
03/28/201919-01: Resolution Urging Further Consideration Before Taking Action on S.B. No. 919, 2019, Relating to the University of Hawaii Board of Regents
06/07/2018Resolution Supporting Moratorium on Square Footage Growth
03/22/2018Authorizing the President to Prepare a Reorganization Plan that May Re-Consolidate the Positions of Chancellor, University of Hawaii at Manoa and President, University of Hawaii
03/22/2018Resolution Requesting the Development of a Comprehensive Real Property Asset Management Plan
02/22/2018Requesting Financial Management Audit of Maunakea Activities
08/24/2017Resolution Affirming Commitment to the Collaborative Stewardship of Maunakea’s Cultural, Natural, Educational and Scientific Resources
02/23/2017Resolution in Support of the University President Extending His Dual Capacity as President and Interim Chancellor of UH Manoa
01/26/2017Affirming Support of University of Hawaii's Commitments to Undocumented and All Students
09/17/2015Resolution Regarding an Integrated Academic and Facilities Plan for the University of Hawaii System
01/21/2013Resolution Supporting Moratorium on New Construction Projects
06/16/2000Resolution on the Management of the Maunakea Science Reserve
01/18/1979Resolution of use of Net Income, Principle, and Investment of ASUH Stadium Stock Fund
10/12/1972Resolution Authorizing Sale of Parcel of Land Situated at Intersection of Ocean View Drive & 14th Ave., Kaimuki