About the Program

Am I required to attend the New Student Orientation (NSO) program?

UHM's orientation program is not mandatory, but new students and their families are strongly encouraged to attend.

If attendance is not mandatory, then why should I attend?

The NSO staff, which includes professional staff, students and faculty, understand the needs of students who are new to UH Mānoa and have designed a program that offers essential information via a fun, interactive and informational format. At orientation, you will be actively engaged in learning about UHM and be provided with tools that will enable you to become an engaged member of the campus community throughout your time here at UHM. Participating in an NSO program offers you an opportunity to learn the in's and out's of campus life and to meet new people.

What will orientation be like?

NSO is comprised of a 1-day, comprehensive program. If you are attending a transfer session or Extended Orientation, you will have the ability to choose of the workshops that interest you. Workshops offered throughout the day were designed to enhance your educational and social experience at UHM. You will also be provided with a personalized campus tour led by our knowledgeable staff, meet with campus staff, and interact with other students, both current and new. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to meet with academic advisors to chart your academic journey at Mānoa.

Can I arrive late or leave early?

Unfortunately, the program has been designed to cover a lot of essential information in a concise way so that each aspect of the day builds upon the other. As such, all participants should plan on being present and accountable throughout the day.