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About the Program

What can I expect from the Parent Program?

The NSO parent program has been designed to provide parents and guardians of new students with essential information about UHM academics, resources and services in an interactive format.

At the NSO parent program, attendees will be able to:

  • Talk to representatives from academic & campus life programs and student support services
  • Hear about a variety of opportunities available to students
  • Be able to discuss important issues about the next phase of your relationship with your student
  • Learn about ways to support your daughter or son during their first-year of college or transition into UHM
  • Visit the Resource Fair- a gathering of important university partners offering services that your student will be able to utilize during their time at UHM
  • Go on a guided tour of the campus
  • Meet other parents and family members of other incoming first year or transfer students

The NSO staff believes that parents are vital to the success of incoming students as they are the ones to provide support and encouragement to their students directly and often. The goal of the parent program is to provide parents and family members with a strong sense of what students will face from the moment they step foot on campus and how to support them during this important transition point in their lives. (Please note, the Parent Program is not suitable for audiences under the age of 18.)

Can I sit in on my student's orientation program?

The program created for students has been designed not only to provide the information and social contact that new students need, but also is intended to help foster their independence and self-reliance they will need during this phase of their lives. At NSO, students receive support from UHM faculty, staff, and current UHM students, who receive intensive training to serve as peer mentors and guides. As such, the student program is designed specifically to meet student needs, while the parent program is designed to meet the needs and interests of parents and guardians.

I am flying in for the day from a neighbor island to attend an NSO 1-day session. How much time might I need to leave campus to make it to the airport and not miss anything important?

We suggest that you expect to stay on campus at least until 5:30pm in case you want to go on an optional residential hall tour. Additionally, the traffic at the time NSO ends is typically during Oahu's "rush hour."

Is there an orientation for parents of transfer students?

Yes. The orientation for parents of transfer students will take place on the same days as the orientation days.