Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 1-day sessions and NSO Extended Orientation (EO)? Our NSO 1-day sessions are a day-long orientation program that takes place the end of July and early August. In comparison, NSO Extended Orientaiton (EO) is offered the week before classes start. The curriculum covered at 1-days is also offered during EO. However, we also add more sessions to our EO program with the students coming from neighbor islands and out-of-state in mind. Either program will help you transition smoothly into UHM so we encourage you to sign up for the program that works the best for your schedule.

If I attend NSO, where does the program take place?
Most of our NSO sessions are held at the UH Manoa Campus Center (unless otherwise noted on the schedule). Typically, our 1-day sessions start at 8:00am (check-in opens at 7:45am) and ends at 5:00pm with optional activities to follow. NSO Extended Orientation typically begins the afternoon of the Tuesday before Fall semester classes begin.

Is it mandatory? Do I need to attend?
Attending NSO is not mandatory. However, we strongly encourage students and their families to attend.

Do students and parents/guests attend the same orientation?
No. Although our 1-day sessions for parents & family members and incoming students are offered on the same day, students and their family members & guests are separated after breakfast is served. Parents and family members (including siblings of incoming students) are escorted to their program which is in a nearby location.
If you feel it is important to attend the same sessions as your student, NSO Extended Orientation might be a better option for you as the sessions are offered conference style.

Which orientation should students attend?
For students residing on O'ahu, we recommend attending a 1-day session. Students coming from neighbor islands and out-of-state are recommended to attend our NSO Extended Orientation (EO). However, any incoming student can register for the program that suits their needs the best.

What is the difference between NSO Extended Orientation (EO) and the programs provided by Residential Life?
NSO Extended Orientation or EO is an orientation opportunity coordinated under the leadership and guidance of the Office of Student Life and Development. Any and all programming being offered as Warrior Welcome in the residence halls is conducted by Student Housing Services (SHS). NSO and SHS endeavor to offer programming both on campus and in the residence halls that does not conflict. Thus, EO program takes place during the day while residence hall programming is offered in the evening. In order to participate in EO program, a registration form must be completed along with a registration fee of $125. Thus, students who live in the residence halls are not automatically able to attend EO program.

For more information regarding Manoa Move-in and Warrior Welcome, please contact Student Housing Services.

Phone: (808) 956-8300

When are the NSO session dates for students and parents/guests?
NSO session dates are posted on our website here:

How many spaces are available for each 1-day session?
We have around 80 ~ 120 spots available for student sessions and 64 spots available for parents/guests.

Can I add a parent/guest to my reservation?
Yes. Once you register your own attendance for NSO, you will have the option to add a parent/guest.

How can I cancel my reservation/get a refund?
Our refund and cancellation policy can be found here

How do I pay for NSO?
NSO registration is done completely online. Once you fill out the information on our web form, you will be taken to a page that will allow you to pay. We strongly encourage you to pay your NSO fees when you register as spaces fill up very quickly. If you register for NSO and do not pay, your registration will be cancelled after 7 business days.

Is there a deadline to sign-up for NSO?
There is no deadline to sign-up for NSO. However, because space is limited for each session, we recommend you sign-up and pay as soon as registration opens.

Does financial aid cover NSO?
No, financial aid will not cover NSO registration fees.

What is the cost to attend NSO?
1-day sessions Students:
Freshmen: $100
Transfer: $75
Parents: $55 for the first parent/guest, $25 for additional guests

NSO Extended Orientation:
Students: $125
Parents: $125 for the first parent/guest, $90 for additional guests

What is NSO Extended Orientation Program? What happens during that week?
NSO Extended Orientation (EO) is a 3-day orientation that takes place prior to the first day of classes. During EO, we provide numerous workshops that participants get to choose from based on their interests. We also offer campus tours and a Resource Fair for participants to learn more about UH Manoa and what the campus has to offer. Throughout the week, you will get a chance to interact with other students as well as our NSO Leaders and staff.

When can students move-in to their student housing?
Move-in dates vary for students before the start of school. For exact dates, we recommend you visit the Student Housing Services website or contact their office via phone (808-956-8177) or email (

How do I find information about if my college, school or program also has a welcome event or orientation?
NSO's Extended Orientation or EO is part of the UH Manoa's Week of Welcome or WoW. For information about other events happening during WoW, visit the following website:

What is the difference between WoW and EO?
WoW or Week of Welcome refers to all the events that take place on campus leading up to the first day of instruction. EO is NSO's Extended Orientation program which takes place during WoW. Your college, school or program may be hosting an event during WoW. We encourage all incoming students to attend EO AND to also attend their respective open house or welcome reception. To locate a schedule of the week's events, please visit:

I understand that the Campus Tour is a part of the NSO curriculum for both students and parents but what if I can?t attend and still want a campus tour?
The Office of Admissions offers tours on a daily basis. You must make a reservation to attend and registering in advance is highly encouraged. For more information, please visit:

The Ticket and Information Office at the Campus Center Complex also offers tours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 2pm (no tours are provided on State Holidays or Campus Green Days). These tours do not require a reservation. For more specifics on the T&I Walking Tours, please visit: