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The University Report is a 60-second spot featuring university experts on various topics of interest to the community-at-large. It is aired by participating radio stations as a community service.

Health and well being

Exercise-induced asthmaNutrition experts Alan Titchenal and Joanne Dobbs on exercise-induced asthma.
Taste, smell and health, pt. 1Taste and smell are needed for the selection of safe food and to protect against eating foods that are spoiled and toxic.
Taste, smell and health, pt. 2If you don’t have your sense of taste and smell, it may be an indication of a medical problem.
Maintaining muscle massMuscle is important as a major protein reserve.
Health resolutions, pt. 1Resolutions for a healthy lifestyle—defining your goals.
Health resolutions, pt. 2Resolutions for a healthy lifestyle—monitoring your progress.
Eating outEating healthier at fast food restaurants.
Shingles, pt. 1What is shingles.
Shingles, pt. 2What is shingles.