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University Requirements for Filming and Photography at the University of Hawaiʻi

UH Staff Assistance

Campus liaisons are the official contacts between the university and the licensee. Liaisons will assist the applicant with scouting locations, obtaining permission to film from various campus agents and assisting the cast and crew on the day(s) of filming. Additional charges shall be incurred for university staff assistance that falls outside regular business hours. Individual locations (i.e. technologically or culturally sensitive) may require the assistance of additional University staff familiar with specific locations. Applicant shall be responsible for all associated expenses and costs.

Use of University Trademarks, Symbols & Locations

Licensee shall make no reference to the University of Hawaiʻi, its logos, seals, logo clothing, or insignia, either orally or visually, without the prior written consent of the university. Such arrangements must be made with the film liaison at (808) 956-7520.


License applies to the use of university facilities only. Any permission granted to film on University property does not permit the licensee to use photos or likeness of any individual who may be present at University locations at the time of shooting. The licensee is solely responsible for obtaining permission (talent release forms) from individuals before their photos or likeliness is used. The licensee shall defend and hold the university harmless for any violation of this provision.


  • Upon request, parking arrangements shall be made by the campus liaison.
  • Parking fees are based on the number of parking spaces occupied by the Applicant. Payment of parking and/or associated fees is the responsibility of the Licensee.
  • Parking in spaces designated "disabled" or for specific types of vehicles (i.e. mopeds, motorcycles) is strictly prohibited.
  • Maximum vehicle height is determined by location(s) of shoot and contingent on factors including, but not limited to, tree limb clearance, building awning heights and general accessibility to site.


The university shall determine whether campus security, fire safety or other personnel need be present during filming. In its discretion, University may require Licensee to retain security, fire safety or other safety personnel at Licensee’s cost. University may also require Licensee to provide or utilize protective or safety equipment at Licensee’s cost. Failure to abide by these requirements may result in revocation of license.

Construction & Equipment Safety

  • It is imperative that all construction and equipment set-up be conducted in a safe manner and in accordance with OSHA, HIOSH and local fire department standards.
  • It is the responsibility of the Licensee to ensure that all persons associated with the film project follow safety procedures to assure their personal safety, as well as that of university employees, students and visitors.