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The Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows program, a plan for Maui's future

Maui College
Posted: Apr 21, 2011

Ka Ipu Kukui graduating class of 2011 featured with Dr. Lori Teragawachi
Ka Ipu Kukui graduating class of 2011 featured with Dr. Lori Teragawachi

A Decisions Maui and Focus Maui Nui initiative, the Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows program is a year-long program designed to help develop and train future leaders not only to identify challenges, but more importantly, to overcome them. After four highly successful years graduating a total of 46 individuals, plans are to have an even better year five.

“We have incorporated input and suggestions from the Fellows to continuously improve the program,” states Dr. Lori Teragawachi, director of the program. Applications are currently being accepted for the Ka Ipu Kukui 2011-2012 Fellows program.
Ka ipu kukui means crucible of light; a test and a furnace for seeking and taking the best path ahead. “Maui Nui occupies a special place in the state, country and world. But as all of us know, we face many challenges that could very well erode the unique splendor of these special islands,” states Scott Nunokawa, Ka Ipu Kukui steering committee member. From concerns and beliefs expressed first by Decisions Maui in the 1980s and reinforced by the 2003 Focus Maui Nui visioning process, the Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows program was conceived to provide significant help in identifying and training leaders through a community-based program specifically designed to address all aspects of planning for Maui Nui’s future.
The program will require active participation monthly, for about two to three days depending on the activities planned, during the course of the year. Approximately 12 to 15 fellows will be selected through a competitive process conducted by the members of the Ka Ipu Kukui steering committee. The deadline for applications is July 25, 2011. Applicants will then be notified by early August.
Steering committee members include: Sandy Baz, Roselle Bailey, Buck Buchanan, Rory Frampton, Lori Teragawachi, Scott Nunokawa, Stanley Okamoto, Ken Ota, Clyde Sakamoto, Lianne Yoshida, Kalani Ho, Yarrow Flower, Rhiannon Chandler and Jeanne Skog.
The 2011 graduates of the Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows program are: Kaimanamalie Lee Brummel, Mark Klemen, Judee Mae Leilani Aki, Regina Lemm, Derek Snyder, Sarah McLane and Brad Thomas.
For those interested in this program, or know of an individual to nominate, please contact Dr. Lori T. Teragawachi at 984-3406. For an application or more information, visit