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Governor Lingle releases $48 million to develop UH West Oʻahu campus

University of Hawaiʻi-West Oʻahu
Ryan Mielke, (808) 454-4753
Executive Director of Public Affairs, Chancellor's Office
Posted: Jul 2, 2010

UH West O‘ahu new campus laboratory building
UH West O‘ahu new campus laboratory building
Governor Linda Lingle has released $48,000,000 to the University of Hawai‘i to finance construction of the permanent UH West Oʻahu campus.
“The UH West O‘ahu campus will not be just a set of buildings, but a place for people to realize their potential and pursue their goals,” said Governor Lingle. “The new university campus will provide an environment for students to expand their knowledge and advance their education. The permanent campus is a critical component of the growing West O‘ahu region that will uplift the community while creating a better future for our entire state.”
“We are extremely pleased that Governor Lingle has released the funding for this important project,” said UH President M.R.C. Greenwood. “This will help us bring to fruition the university’s plan of providing higher education to the rapidly growing West O‘ahu region. Increasing the state’s educational and intellectual capital is crucial to Hawai‘i’s long-term success, and our West O‘ahu campus will help us achieve that goal.”
Of the $48 million, $31,224,000 will be used to develop three buildings, including a two-story, 41,136-square-foot classroom building; a two-story 41,798-square-foot laboratory building; and a two-story, 12,671-square-foot maintenance and mechanical building.
The balance of the funds, $16,776,000, will be used for infrastructure, including mass grading of 10.5 acres; a 12-inch waterline, a 10-inch sewer line and driveways and roadways from Kualaka‘i Parkway to the campus; electric power lines from Farrington Highway; a 183-stall parking lot, utilities to support the three initial buildings and landscaping.
“Governor Lingle’s release of the funding for our campus in Kapolei is a milestone for our university and the thousands of students who will soon walk through the doors of our new campus,” said UH West O‘ahu Chancellor Gene Awakuni. “We have been without a permanent campus for nearly 35 years. Through it all, our communities have stood by us, supporting our efforts. This campus is for them as well as future generations who will soon have accessible higher education in West O‘ahu. With Governor Lingle and our legislators’ help, the dream of an entire region will soon be realized.”

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