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University of Hawaii selects SCT to integrate 10 campuses with a single solution

University of Hawaiʻi
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External affairs and University Relations
Posted: May 21, 2002

The University of Hawaiʻi has chosen SCT to implement a system-wide student information network that will serve its seven community colleges and three universities, it was announced today by SCT (Nasdaq: SCTC), a leading global provider of e-education solutions for colleges and universities. The SCT solution will include the industry‘s first single, shared database to integrate two-year community colleges and four-year universities.

The contract for SCT Banner̉ and related services, which was signed during SCT‘s second fiscal quarter ending March 31, 2002, is valued at approximately $11.6 million.

With SCT Banner, the University of Hawaii‘s nearly 45,000 students will be able to move across the various campuses but still be treated as individual students within one system, said Alan Yang, dean of student services at the University of Hawaii. This progressive user-centric model is expected to meet the needs of students as they access information from a unified source across multiple campuses.

Currently, the University has four separate computer systems controlling student information, and transferring information between campuses is not an automatic process, explained Yang. With Banner, all UH campuses will share one database, greatly easing the process of transferring among campuses, explained Yang. Banner also will give students more online access to their own files and more help in understanding that information, added Yang.

SCT Banner is a fully integrated Internet-native system designed to fuse administrative and academic functions for a complete business solution that embraces the complete education enterprise and delivers exceptional services to faculty, advisors, employees, alumni, and prospects as well as students.

"Delivering a solution that will enable the virtual student model among multiple institutions, yet allow each campus to retain its uniqueness, is a phenomenal achievement," said Bob Moul, president of SCT global education solutions. "SCT is the
only vendor with the skills, the software, and the depth of resources to deliver this model. We look forward to helping the University of Hawaii realize its vision for a totally integrated enterprise."

SCT Banner is scheduled to be operational, including online registration, at all the community college campuses in time for the fall 2002 semester, said John Morton, director of the Student Information System project. The quick implementation is motivated by the fact that the license for the software that the community colleges are currently using will run out on July 1, 2002. SCT already has placed 10 people on site to drive the quick implementation.

SCT was selected after the University reviewed bids from 11 companies. Morton said UH chose SCT because it has the ability to meet the university‘s objectives, the price of the system was competitive, the company showed the ability to implement the software in a timely manner, and it has a proven track record. "As a company, SCT has moved very far toward not just having a student information system that is about registration, but about how you use student information to empower the students," Morton added.


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