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Impacts of Tourism on Wild Dolphins

Valuable lessons from studies evaluating impacts of cetacean-watch tourism

University of Hawaiʻi
Dr. Michelle Yuen,
Biology Program
Posted: Sep 9, 2008

A complex and unresolved problem in wildlife management is detecting whether apparently benign human activities have cumulative effects that are harmful to wildlife populations. Dr. Lars Bejder from Murdoch University, Australia, is a leading expert in the field of impact assessments on cetaceans (whales and dolphins). He will present information on recent documented impacts of vessel-based tourism that demonstrates population-level impacts on cetaceans. He also will discuss how his research and that of colleagues has triggered a major shift towards sustainable management of such tourism encounters in Australia and elsewhere.

Wednesday, September 24, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm UH Manoa Architecture Building, Rm. 205 2410 Campus Road ###