University of Hawaii Neuroscience and MRI Research Program

Using MRI Techniques to Study the Brain & Brain Diseases
3 Tesla MRI ScannerResearchers at the University of Hawaii Neuroscience and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Research Program, Linda Chang, M.D., Thomas Ernst, Ph.D., Victor Andy Stenger, Ph.D., and other investigators utilize a 3-Tesla MRI scanner for a variety of brain development and disorder studies. Our lab is located at the Queen’s Medical Center, where we conduct NIH-funded research in some of the following topics:

Tracking Brain FunctionWe are always looking for volunteers willing to participate in various studies. If you are interested, please visit our Volunteer Contact page for more information. You will be paid for your participation and all information gathered will be kept confidential.

For more information about ongoing Neuroscience and MRI Research in our lab please contact any of our Investigators or our lab administrator at nmr -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu.

We would like to thank our funding sources. Please visit our Grants page to see information about our active studies and research grants. Also go to our Links page for more information about our funding sources.

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For questions or to report problems, please email nmr -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu.
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