University of Hawaii Neuroscience and MRI Research Program

Research Team


Kyoko Fujimoto

Ms. Fujimoto is a graduate student in Electrical Engineering. She works under the supervision of Dr. Stenger. Her current projects include an anthropomorphic brain phantom and post-processing of MR images.

Sejin Nam

Mr. Nam is a PhD graduate student in the Physics program. He is currently studying medical physics under the supervision of Dr. Ernst, and plans to conduct research applying MR spectroscopy within medical physics.


Medical Students

Steffan Soosman, B.S.

Steffan is a fourth year medical student. He is also supervised by Dr. Linda Chang on a research project that evaluates resting brain function using functional MRI in individuals with HIV.

Email:avbhernandez -AT- gmail -DOT- com

Summer Students

Our research program offers opportunities for talented and motivated students from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and other local or mainland Universities to participate in the ongoing research projects. Students will gain valuable research experience working with an inter-disciplinary team of investigators (including physicians from many different specialties, physicists, computer scientists, psychologists, etc.). They will gain hands-on experience by participating in subject recruitments, neuropsychiatric evaluations, and data or image processing and analyses.

Here is one comment from a recent student who participated in our research program:

“I had the good fortune to work at the MR Research Lab during my fourth year of medical school at JABSOM. This enriching experience allowed me to build upon my clinical knowledge, develop my general research skills, and learn more advanced research techniques specific to MR research. As a future neurologist, I appreciated the opportunity to observe detailed neurological exams that frequently yielded abnormal findings as well as assist with lumbar punctures. The diversity of the many ongoing research projects in the lab allowed me the freedom to develop my own research experience based on my interests. Through self-learning and interaction with the research physicians and scientists in the lab, I learned about neuropsychological testing, the human immunodeficiency virus, diffusion tensor imaging techniques, and the statistical analysis of experimental data. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with the many talented and dedicated people in the MR Research Lab.” - Victoria (Now a Neurologist in California)

If you are interested in becoming a summer intern or part-time student researcher during the school year, please email your interests to

E-mail Address: nmr -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu

Mailing Address:

Neuroscience and MR Research Program
Department of Medicine
JABSOM, University of Hawaii
1356 Lusitana Street, 7th Floor
Honolulu, HI 96813

Summer Students 2015
Danny LaReaux, Nathan Kung, Alyssa Poentis

Summer Students 2014
James Rivers, Jessica Pacheco, Kaitlin Kogachi, Peter Muraki, Alissa
Ling, Matthew Sharma, Buddy (Ian) Yeoh

Summer Students 2013
From left to right: Back- Brenda  Light,  Peter Harris, Mathew Sharma, Youngsu Cho Kwon, Jeff Roth
Front - Eric Lee, Alex Khrestian, Jared Char, Chris Arca

Transitional Medicine Interns
From left to right: Chris Hemond M.D., Michael Cho M.D., Jennifer Feneis M.D.

Summer Students 2012
From left to right: Robert Terry (also listed above), Erica Lee, Sara Wong, Vladamir Bernstein

Summer Students 2011
Summer Students 2011
From left to right: Naomi Tanizaki, Erica Lee, Brenda Light, Jina Chung, Shannon Kogachi

Summer Students 2010
Summer Students 2010
From left to right Back: Matthew Kor, Antonette Hernandez, Alexandra Galati, Matthew Sakumoto, Robert Tamai
Front: Kaitlin Ayer, Sara Watanabe, Kristin Lee

Summer Students 2008
Summer Students 2008

Summer Students 2007
Summer Students 2007

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