University of Hawaii Neuroscience and MRI Research Program

Research Team

Research Coordinators

Robyn Yamakawa, B.A.

Robyn is a Clinical Research Technician in the Department of Medicine. She assists with subject coordination, subject evaluation, and clinical data acquisition. She is involved with the research of early brain development in neonates with prenatal drug exposure and assists with a study that is examining premature neonate brain development.

Email:avbhernandez -AT- gmail -DOT- com
Krista Bridges, R.N., B.A.

Krista is a Registered Nurse and Certified Research Coordinator. She is coordinating the medication trial, as part of the NIDA-funded Clinical Trials Network. She also provides assistance and medical evaluation support to the Physicians (Dr. Linda Chang and Dr. Daniel Alicata) and other clinical research coordinators.

Email:kbridges -AT- gmail -DOT- com

Research Staff

Steve Buchthal, Ph.D.

Dr. Buchthal is an MR Spectroscopist in the Dept. of Medicine. He supports ongoing clinical studies and is an expert in Scanner Operation.

Email: butchthal -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu
Michael Mueller, B.Sc.

Michael is a Senior Database Designer, responsible for consolidating various study research data into a centralized database. His database design and security, application development and data management tasks will assist all current and future projects in their data needs.

Email:michael.mueller -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu
Eric Cunningham, B.Sc.

Eric is an MR Research Technician in the Department of Medicine. He assists with acquisition, processing, and evaluation of MRI and MRS data.

Email:cunningham -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu
Michael Mau, B.Sc.

Mike is a Senior Systems Administrator, responsible for managing the project’s IT related operations and needs. He also serves as a systems analyst and programmer/designer.

Email:maum -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu

Administrative Staff

The administrative team works as a liaison between the researchers and the medical school’s human resources and fiscal departments. Please call  (808)691-8967 for procurement and travel issues related to the program’s various projects. (fax: 808-691-8970).

Administrative Staff NgocAdministrative Staff Jamie
(left to right) Ngoc D. Vu MA, Jamie I'i, Meredith Hermosura Ph.D.

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