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“Development of quantitative MRI DTI analysis tool for preterm neonate"

(Subaward from Johns Hopkins University PI, K. Oishi, Ph.D. to site-PI, Linda Chang, M.D.; funding source: NICHD - 1R01 HD065955; Project Period: 09/20/11 – 07/31/16)

The proposed study aims to create a multi-contrast atlas of the neonatal brain along with related tools for quantitative analyses of brain structural differences between preterm and term born neonates. Such an atlas will be a very useful resource as it will allow precise evaluation of brain abnormalities in premature babies that could ultimately inform early interventions and improve outcome. The infants are all scanned in Hawaii and the data are transfered to the Johns Hopkins University for image analyses and atlas development.

Robyn Yamakawa - phone: (808) 691-8964; email: robyn hy-AT- hawaii -DOT- edu

Antonette Hernandez - phone: (808) 691-8962; email: a v b hernandez -AT- gmail -DOT- com

Creating a Pediatric Imaging-Genomics Data Resource"


(Multi-site with mutliple PIs: T.Jernigan, A. Dale, L. Chang, T. Ernst, & S.Murray; funding source: NIDA - 5RC2 DA029475; Project Period: 09/30/09 – 08/31/13)

This was a multi-site collaborative effort to study how genes might influcence brain development (using MR techniques). More than 1000 typically developing children across 9 sites (U Hawaii, UCSD, UCLA, UC Davis, Cornell, Yale, MGH, U Mass, and Johns Hopkins) were enrolled in the study. Subject enrollment is now complete; analyses of data collected are ongoing. A data resource which includes neurodevelopmental histories, brain imaging data, genotypes is available to qualified researchers (

U Hawaii contacts:
Kristin Lee - phone: (808) 586-7459; email: kristen m lee 72-AT- gmail -DOT- edu

Vanessa Douet, Ph.D. - phone: (808) 586-7468; email: douet -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu
Early brain development after prenatal "Ice" exposure: A Longitudinal MR study"


(Principal Investigator: Linda Chang, M.D.; funding source: NIDA - 5R01 DA021016; Project Period: 09/30/05-08/31/12)

The goal of this project was to evaluate early brain development in children who were exposed to methamphetamine (“ice”) in utero, from age 3 to 8 years of age using MR techniques. Subject enrollment has been completed; a few subjects are being brought in for follow-up visits to complete the longitudinal study. Data analysis is ongoing.

Erin Fukaya - phone: (808) 691-8763; email: efukuya -AT- gmail -DOT- edu

Antonette Hernandez - phone: (808) 691-8962 ; email: avbhernandez  -AT- gmail -DOT- com

All information and data obtained for the research are strictly confidential.

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